NARSA— The International Heat Transfer Association

NARSA exists to create access to opportunities for its members through vision, knowledge, and innovation.

NARSA – The International Heat Transfer Association has provided focus for the business of thermal management for transportation and industry by providing commercial and technical forums that lead to business development and product innovation. Founded in 1954 in the USA as the National Automotive Radiator Service Association, NARSA continues today as global trade association dedicated to education and communication. NARSA members repair, maintain, design, build and distribute heat exchangers such as radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers and condensers.


Upcoming Events

Spring Conference • March 7-10, 2019
Location: Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga/ San Bernardino, California 
Hosts: TSM and CSF

NARSA International Tour • May 7-8, 2019
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Host: PHAR Radiators

HD Heating & Cooling Conference • October 2-5, 2019
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Host: Kelvion/Rocore

NARSA Convention at AAPEX • November 5-7, 2019
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 


Stay tuned for information.

What We Do


NARSA’s mission is to help its members improve products, services and business skills. NARSA upholds its mission to its members through conferences, conventions, trade shows, publications, networking, certification, awards, and advocacy.

By working together and learning from each other, NARSA members unlock opportunities for growth and prosperity. NARSA is your strategic partner in the business of thermal management.

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